Junior Athlete Performance

Take your Speed, Agility and Performance to the next level!


How the Program Works

Welcome to TRUHiT Performance! I am so excited to offer performance training for youth in our community as a branch of the TRUHiT family. Many of you may be asking “What is performance training?” Performance training combines functional movements with speed, agility, change of direction, explosive strength, and plyometric drills that will benefit a growing child’s cognitive functioning. The physical advantages of TRUHiT Performance can translate to any athletic competition (e.g., football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, dance, ballet, cheer, etc.). This is also a program that will incorporate more movement into you’re the child’s day in a safe, fun environment. The drills and movements—especially with diligent practice and execution—can improve power and explosive movements, promote pre-habilitation, and foster spatial navigation and motor fluidity (Coyle, 2009; Lennemann et al., 2013; Young et al., 2015).

1 Hour Classes 2X Per Week

TruHIT Performance classes are fun yet challenging and will prepare kids physically and mentally!
Age Range 8-15 years old 
Classes are 2x per week / per age group
 *This may vary by location

Availability and class times vary by location

For more information email your studio directly