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Welcome To TRUHiT Fitness Studio in Scottsdale Airpark, Arizona

Male or female, old or young, everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy, active, and productive life. At TRUHiT fitness studio, gym, and training center in Scottsdale Airpark we offer workouts for everyone. Whether you're new to the gym or a fitness freak, our world-class facility, professional trainers, community support, and nutrition coaching have everything you need.

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14305 N. 79th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85260
[email protected]
Adult Class Schedule

Monday – Friday Morning Classes – 5:30am, 6:45am, 8:00am, 9:30am
Monday – Thursday Afternoon Classes – 4:20pm, 5:30pm

Friday’s 4:20pm, 5:30pm 

Saturday – 7:45am, 9:00am, 10:15am





Whether you’ve been a fitness enthusiast for years or just realized that “health is wealth,” there’s one proven way to ensure that you meet your fitness targets – work with a trainer! At TRUHiT Fitness Center in Scottsdale Airpark, we have a team of fitness training experts that help you do just that. Discuss your current fitness levels, lifestyle, and goals with us, and get ready to undergo a life-changing fitness journey! From laying out a workout routine to providing health and nutritional guidance, our trainers will devise a customized strategy for you. You can come into the gym any day, any time, and a trainer will be there to guide you, track your progress, and most important of all, ensure you’re always motivated. Soon, you’ll be working with our trainers to set even higher targets for yourself. Get in shape quickly and healthily with our trainers by your side!
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HIIT Classes

If you’re ready to take your fitness intensely and get on track as soon as possible, HIIT classes are just what you’re looking for. HIIT, short for High-Intensity Interval Training, is a combination of short and intense anaerobic exercises and brief recovery periods. So, your HIIT classes will be shorter than traditional workouts but more intense, grueling, and rewarding. Whether you have tried HIIT before or not, our team will provide the right guidance to ensure you reap maximum rewards without injuring or exhausting yourself. At the same time, we'll make sure you're never bored by changing up the routine and utilizing the equipment at our state-of-the-art facility. Not only will HIIT help you shed those extra calories, but it will also improve your metabolism, increase your stamina, elevate your endurance, and lower your blood sugar levels. Time to push yourself to get fitter!
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Did you step into the gym looking to lose extra weight and give your fitness the attention it needs? Well, you’ve taken your first steps in the right direction! But working out is only 20% of getting fit. The rest is getting the right nutrition! At the TRUHiT Fitness Center in Scottsdale Airpark, we encourage our clients to treat fitness as a lifestyle and adopt healthy eating. That’s why we provide comprehensive nutritional coaching. First, we assess and understand your age, current weight, weight and exercise goals. Then, we devise tailored nutrition plans that include recipes, grocery lists, self-checklists, and much more. That’s just the start of the journey. We keep in touch with you throughout the plan to evaluate your progress and recommend any changes. Embrace a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise!

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Meet the Owners

Exercise and nutrition are two things that define the fitness philosophy of TRUHiT Fitness Center in Scottsdale Airpark and its owners, Scott and Cindy Van Horne. Scott joined the TRUHiT community in 2013 and after experiencing the amazing impact it had on his life and fitness, he decided to establish his own TRUHiT franchise for his local community. Now, Scott and Cindy Van Horne are helping countless people in the Scottsdale Airpark area turn around their health!