Junior Athlete Performance

Take your Speed, Agility and Performance to the next level!


Junior Athlete Workout

Welcome to TruHit Fitness, the premier fitness studio in Star, Idaho. We’re your local experts on fitness and health, serving people of all ages. While many fitness studios are limited to just adults, TruHit Fitness caters to young athletes and children as well! Dedicated to community service, we aim to ensure the youth in our community not only stay fit but also achieve personal growth as well.

If you’re a parent interested in performance training for your child, then you look no further. At TruHit Fitness, we help take your child's speed, agility, and strength to the next level!

Our Performance Training

If you’re unfamiliar with the performance training program at TruHit Fitness, we can break it down for you. Performance training combines various functional movements to improve your child's physical and cognitive development. These exercises include change of direction, speed, agility, plyometrics, explosive strength, and more!

Why is this important? Well, it equips your child with the fundamental skills they need to compete. You’ll see noticeable results regardless of your child’s sport of choice. Be it football, basketball, dance, swimming, ballet or even baseball—an improvement in speed, stress-management, perseverance, and locomotor skills can help your child excel in any competition.

That’s not all. Our Junior Athlete Workouts are also designed to incorporate the necessary level of movement in your child's daily life. We make it fun, lively, and engaging! Your child will look forward to our classes every time! A safe and secure environment is provided as well.

Flexibility and Versatility at Its Finest!

In addition, we also consider the unique needs of each child, giving special attention and time to every junior athlete. Our tailored programs help your child achieve personal growth based on their strengths and limitations, improving motor fluidity and spatial navigation. TruHit Fitness’s Junior Athlete Workout program is the perfect place for young athletes to make friends and build on their social skills as well.

Our trainers are certified and qualified to unlock your child’s true potential. They’re diligent and understand how to select age-appropriate exercises that are right for your child. So, you can sit back and relax while your child discovers their hidden strengths. TruHit Fitness creates the perfect environment for young individuals to showcase their true selves and strive to reach new heights. A non-judgmental environment is just what your child needs to develop and thrive.

Register Your Child Today!

Now that you’ve found the perfect place for your child to build on their self-confidence, strength, speed, and agility, what are you waiting for? Call us or drop on by to get registered. You can even take a tour of our facility. We put your comfort and your child's safety first. This is why TruHIt Fitness is the preferred choice of parents from Star and the greater Boise area, including Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, Star, and downtown Boise as well!

1 Hour Classes 2X Per Week

TruHIT Performance classes are fun yet challenging and will prepare kids physically and mentally!
Age Range 8-15 years old 
Classes are 2x per week / per age group
 *This may vary by location
Summer Program Cost: $249 
Sibling Discount - $209


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