The 8 Benefits to Boot Camp

Almost everyone has had “that” friend, coworker, or relative that recently started doing boot camp classes and can’t stop talking about it. At first, it’s a bit annoying to listen about all of the benefits they are reaping. And, admittedly, you’re a bit jealous. Most of the time this friend or coworker’s idea of a workout used to be to jump to conclusions, but now they are doing battle ropes, swinging kettlebells, and running sprints; and starting to look fit!

That’s when the idea comes to you that maybe, just maybe, you should look into Boot Camp classes and what all the benefits are.

What exactly is a boot camp class?

When most of us hear the word boot camp, we think military, something you do during basic training. And historically, you’d be correct. Military boot camp is used to turn new recruits into physically and mentally strong soldiers. Not something most civilians are looking for on a day to day basis.

Now the fitness world has adopted the term to describe a (generally) hour-long class that involved high-intensity interval training lead by a trained or certified professional. These classes may include activities such as sprints, swinging kettlebells, body squats, stretching, push-ups and crunches, just to name a few. Typically, you go between high-intensity cardio and low-intensity recovery rounds. These workouts are geared to bring your heart rate up to cardio then back down to fat burning levels multiple times within an hour.

The Benefits

  • Muscle Tone – Building, and keeping good muscle tone is a key component to overall good health. Muscle is what keeps your body burning calories all day long, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn in a 24-hour period.
  • Aerobic Endurance – Aerobic, or cardiovascular, endurance is gained when your heart rate is continually taken into and out of this range. When you’re doing sprints, running stairs, or jumping rope, you’re increasing aerobic endurance which leads to having great energy all day long.
  • Weight Loss – Did you know when your body runs out of quick burning fuels that it turns to your body’s fat source as fuel to burn during workouts. Yes, it’s true.
  • Flexibility – Yes, being flexible a bigger deal that you may have initially thought. Stretching creates small tears in your muscle fibers, which then makes your body build more muscle to repair it. Having great flexibility also allows for more stability, better balance, and a greater range of motion.
  • Social Interaction and Encouragement – It’s way more fun to work out in a group than by yourself, especially when starting out. Your fellow workout partners can help keep you accountable for coming to classes consistently.
  • More Energy Throughout the Day – Exerting an enormous amount of energy in a 60-minute class will give you more energy throughout your day.
  • Mental Health – We could quote hundreds of articles on the mental benefits of sleeping, but the bottom line is, when you are consistently working out, you fall asleep faster, and into a deeper sleep that leaves you mentally ready to meet the next day head-on.
  • Long-Term Fitness – New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner which in some cases, are just a bad idea when it comes to your long-term health goals. Overall fitness needs to be a lifestyle, not a resolution. Boot camp classes incorporate some many benefits to lead to lifestyle changes for an overall healthy and active life!

If you’re not intrigued to check out a boot camp class at one of our facilities, check out our class schedules or contact any location with questions.