Child Care

Parents & Kids, Together In The Fitness Studio!

Fitness is for everyone – be it a student, parent, working professional, or retired individual. However, often young mothers and fathers have to put their fitness routines on hold to look after their children.

At TRUHiT Fitness, we make sure young parents can come to the gym or studio along with their little ones with quality, secure, safe, and inclusive childcare facilities! Now, you can give yourself time to work out without a worry.

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Your Child. Our Responsibility!

Being a parent is a full-time and very demanding job. Taking out time to go to the gym or focus on self-care can be a difficult ask. You can’t always find a babysitter or a family member to leave your kids with. At TRUHiT, we consider our members our family. That’s why we make sure you can step into the gym without going through the hassle of finding another care. Drop your young ones with us at the child care center when you come to the studio and pick up them once you’re done working out for the day. How simple and convenient is that?

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Fun, Play, & Learning For Every Child

Whether you have an infant, toddler, or preschooler, we have some very fun and engaging activities to make sure they enjoy every minute at TRUHiT. While, you work out, we will look after and cater to your child’s needs. So just as you will look forward to coming back to work out, your child will be ecstatic to come to the child care center as well – a real win-win!

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Enabling Active and Healthy Parenting

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the gym for the first time or after a very long time.

We promise you, prioritizing your fitness again will lead to an even more rewarding parenting experience.

Self-Care Time

We know parenting can be exhausting and you deserve some off-time for yourself. By working out at the studio, you can make the most of your me time!

Quality Socializing

Between work and kids, parents rarely get the time to hang out and socialize. At TRUHiT, you can interact with fitness enthusiast parents just like you!

Setting An Example For Your Kids

With your children seeing their parents coming to the gym from such an early age, they'll already be motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle as they grow older!

Better Parenting

With a more active and fitter self, you can put in even more energy and effort into parenting and make every moment with your children more memorable!

Enjoy working out again as we manage your kids for a little while!
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Child-Friendly & Professional Staff To Look After Your Child

We know every parent wants the best care for their child. At TRUHiT, we make sure our child center staff and supervisors are the most friendly, experienced, and well-trained individuals. Rest assured, your children are in the best hands!


Our staff boasts years of experience working with children of all ages.

Safe Environment

Each employee is fully vetted to ensure your children enjoy a secure environment.

CPR/AED certified

Our entire child care team is certified to deal with any medical emergencies.


Before joining the facility, each member undergoes comprehensive training.

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It’s Workout Without A Worry In The World!

Whether you are a working or stay-at-home mom or a dad, we realize that you need a flexible workout routine. That’s exactly why along with the TRUHiT fitness studio and gym, the child care facility also remains open in the morning and night shifts. So, you can drop by during the day or after you come back home from work. Plus, you can pre-book your child's spot or simply register as you walk in – there's no issue at all. All we want is for you to keep focusing on your fitness and your child to be well looked after!

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