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Welcome to TruHit Fitness - Star, Idaho

Hello and welcome aboard your journey to a healthier, happier, and fitter lifestyle! TruHit Fitness is a world-class fitness studio, gym and training facility. We focus on improving strength, endurance, self-confidence, and more through our custom-made plans, High-Intensity Interval Training workouts (HIIT), and workout classes. Based in Star, Idaho, our studio serves residents throughout the greater Boise area, including Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, and downtown Boise. So if you live nearby, you can give us a call or drop by to check out our state-of-the-art facility today! TruHit Fitness is your one-stop solution for healthy living!

An inclusive and welcoming fitness space, TruHit fitness caters to people of all ages. Men and women, young or old—we can help you achieve a Tru Body Transformation through guided workouts, nutrition coaching, and community support.

50 N. Seneca Springs Way Star, ID 83669
[email protected]
Call or Text Us @ (208) 901-8057
 Adult Class Schedule

Monday – Friday Morning Classes 5:30am, 6:30am, 8:30am, 9:45am
Monday – Friday Afternoon Classes 4:30pm, 5:30pm
Saturday – 8:00am & 9:00am

Kids Care Available Classes

M-F 8:30am & 9:45am




TruHit Fitness is renowned for having the most experienced certified fitness trainers. They’ll craft a customized a workout program designed to get you to your fitness goals fast. With them by your side, you’re sure to feel motivated, encouraged and inspired to strive harder and push yourself to new heights! Setting personal goals for your emotional and physical wellbeing is effortless with TruHit FItness. Trust us, you’ll feel the difference in your approach toward health after getting the right guidance from our fitness experts.

For more information on our trainers, click here: TRAINERS

HIIT Classes

Short for High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT is a scientifically proven and  sustainable way to shed unwanted pounds. With HIIT, you can burn more calories than a conventional cardio workout in less time. What’s great about it is that your body continues to burn fat even after you are done with your workout! But timing is everything. Doing the right exercises and getting the appropriate amount of rest in between is crucial. At TruHit Fitness we have the right knowledge, experience, and resources to help you reap the true benefits from HIIT workouts.
For more information on our HIIT Classes, click here:  HIIT CLASSES

Junior Athlete Workouts

Designed to improve speed, agility, and performance, our Junior Athlete Workout is truly results-driven. We combine various functional movements with speed, change of direction, plyometric drills, and explosive strength training. These exercises are designed to improve the physical and cognitive development of your child, enhancing not only physical fitness but also their emotional and mental health. Our studio provides a nurturing and safe space for your child to reach their full potential while building their motor fluidity and spatial navigation. What’s more, TruHIt Fitness is certified in to work with young athletes. 

For more information on our Junior Athlete Workouts, click here: JUNIOR ATHLETES

Child Care

What sets our facility apart from the rest is our on-site child care services. We understand how fitness is often overlooked by parents who have young children to tend to. It’s hard to find space in one’s busy schedule to work out and eat right. TruHit Fitness understands. We can help by providing child care at select locations. Your children will be in good hands. Our staff is fully vetted, CPR certified, friendly, and trained to keep an eye on your children while you pursue your fitness goals.!
For more information on our Child Care Facility, click here CHILD CARE

Meet the Owners

Founded in early 2013 by Ken & Shelley Fearer, TruHIT Fitness was created to build a community dedicated to both exercise and nutrition. While most gyms focus on exercise, Ken & Shelley's vision to create a nutrition education center within TruHIT truly empowers members to reach their Tru fitness potential. Our motto is ” 20% exercise, 80% nutrition; 100% mindset.” We live & breathe these principles every day.

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Star, Idaho

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