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Looking to burn some calories, get into shape, and achieve your fitness goals quickly? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) seems like the right choice for you!

With a premier fitness studio and highly experienced trainers, TRUHiT offers the best HIIT Fitness Training programs. Elevate your fitness game with our HIIT training!

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What is High Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT delivers amazing results for your health and fitness. That’s exactly why you want to get into HIIT training, right? But remember, the results come when you put in the hard yards and that's what HIIT is all about! What do we mean? Well, HIIT involves short but highly intense anaerobic workouts followed low intensity recovery periods. So, a complete session won't be much longer than 30-45 minutes, but you would have really pushed your body to test its limits!

TRUHiT trainers make sure each workout session moves you closer to your fitness targets!

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How HIIT Helps You Achieve Your Goals?

At TRUHiT, we understand all our client’s needs and goals. Be it losing weight or gaining muscle strength, our HIIT classes will enable you to meet those targets in the right time.

Here are the benefits of HIIT workouts you will begin to experience from Day 1:

Burn Calories Faster

HIIT is proven to be 3 times faster in burning calories than traditional exercises like running and biking. Push yourself as much as you can during a short HIIT session and enjoy multifold returns!

Gain Muscle Strength

As you increase the intensity of workouts, your muscles adapt and strengthen. Then, the short recovery periods allow the muscles to cool rebuild and recover, providing the perfect balance for them.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

HIIT doesn’t just enhance calorie burn during workouts. Even after a few hours of the session, your boosted metabolism continues to burn calories and use fat for energy, ensuring lasting benefits!

Boost Oxygen Consumption

HIIT takes endurance training to the next level by allowing your muscles to improve oxygen consumption almost two times faster than traditional endurance exercises and drive up energy levels!

Lose Weight Healthily

We know weight loss and getting in shape are major goals for participants. HIIT not only helps shed fat and reduce weight, but it also enables you to look slimmer and fitter!

Improve Overall Health

Along with working wonders for your physical health, HIIT also helps alleviate stress, bring down blood sugar levels, and maintain healthy levels of blood pressure!

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HIIT Procedure At TRUHiT

Whether you’re a beginner stepping into the studio for the first time or someone with a fair bit of experience in the gym, our HIIT fitness training classes are designed to accommodate every participant. Each training session is scheduled for one hour and includes warm up, HIIT, and cool down.
It’s very important to follow set guidelines and ensure everyone understands how to go about doing HIIT to ensure a safe environment for all. Of course, we don’t expect you to know the procedure and exercises beforehand.
That’s why our trained instructors explain and demonstrate each posture, position, and workout thoroughly before we begin doing them. Afterward, the HIIT workouts continue for 35 to 45 minutes under expert supervision.

To conclude the session, participants perform stretches and cool down exercises, bringing heart rates and blood pressure to normal.

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HIIT Training With Professionals

At TRUHiT, we believe in providing a productive, safe, and positive environment for HIIT training classes. That’s why we ensure every aspect of the training is of the highest quality.

Certified Trainers

Our certified trainers have years of experience in the fitness industry working with clients with diverse goals and abilities.

Industry Standards

We ensure high industry standards for our classes are maintained at all times in terms of workouts, equipment, and safety.

Equipment Variety

From free weights and TRX bands to cardio equipment, our studio has a variety of equipment to keep the workout interesting and motivating.

Goal-Focused Classes

Our main goal is to help you achieve consistent results by ensuring maximum productivity and monitoring performance throughout the program.

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