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Everyone wants to live an active and healthier life. We all have our personal fitness targets – be it shedding extra pounds, building stronger muscles, or becoming more agile. However, the road to getting there can be long, challenging, and confusing.

That’s when an expert personal trainer can help you navigate the obstacles and guide you toward your fitness targets! At TRUHiT, we have some of the best trainers in town, ready to mentor you through your fitness journey.

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Why You Need A Personal Trainer?

You can be setting foot into a gym for the very first time or a veteran in working out, a personal trainer can really help you transform your fitness. Firstly, if you’ve never thought about taking your fitness seriously before, you won’t even know where to start. Even if you have prior gym experience, a trainer can put some order into your workout routine. Also, gym and exercise are only one aspect of fitness. A trainer is equipped to offer you nutritional coaching, recommend lifestyle changes, and very importantly, develop the mindset of a fit individual. At TRUHiT, we go by the motto “80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise, 100% Mindset”. That’s exactly what our trainers practice! So, ready to make your fitness journey impactful?

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Key Benefits of Personal Trainers

At TRUHiT, our trainers focus on developing a friendly relationship with our members to ensure understanding and effective communication, and ultimately, get those results.

Our experts advance you towards your health and fitness goals by doing the following:

Setting Goals

Every individual’s current fitness level, fitness goals, body types, and personalities are unique. Our professional trainers tailor a customized plan for you, setting specific goals to help you achieve your desired fitness levels.

Developing Personalized Workouts

The best way to achieve your fitness goals quickly and sustainably is with a customized workout routine that takes into account your physical capabilities, fitness levels, and lifestyle. Our trainers will help you develop this.

Providing Nutritional Advice

Fitness isn’t just about exercise and workouts. Our trainers will provide you with holistic nutritional guidance to ensure your diet complements your training routine, brings your closer to your targets, and promises long-term benefits to your health.

Teaching Correct Form & Posture

Learning the correct form and posture of each exercise from our trainers goes a long way in reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring maximum reward from the hard work you put in. Our trainers will not only explain but also demonstrate each workout to you.

Holding You Accountable

When you work out on your own is easy to get lazy, not put in your full effort, and maybe even skip a session. A trainer will hold you accountable and ensure you're following your fitness plan diligently. At the same time, we will monitor your progress and maintain a flexible checklist.

Keeping You Motivated

Workouts will push you physically and it can become overwhelming, especially for beginners. As your mentors and guides, our trainers will keep pushing you and motivating you to hit your goals without overburdening you. Every milestone you hit is a celebration for us too!

Focused, goal-driven, and customized – that’s the personal trainer way to better fitness! Want to discover more about how the trainers at TRUHiT operate?

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Professional Trainers at TRUHiT

At TRUHiT, we want you to achieve your goals just as much as you do. Our trainers will go the extra mile to make it happen!

Bring a Wealth of Experience

Having worked with hundreds of clients, we offer invaluable experience in a variety of workouts and routines.

Cater To Your Needs

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, prefer short sessions or longer ones, we’re flexible for you.

Develop Understanding

By personally getting to know you, our trainers come up with the most efficient way to produce results for you.

Provide A Safe Environment

Our priority is to ensure you are comfortable, operate in a safe environment, and have everything you need at our studio.

Work with trainers that care about your needs, goals, and progress!
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