Achieve Fitness Goals With 80% Nutrition & 20% Exercise!

Losing excess weight, looking smarter, and getting fitter – are these your goals? Well, it’s time to shift to a healthier lifestyle! This means not just exercise but also nutrition. In fact, nutrition is 80% of the recipe for getting fit.

With a holistic approach to fitness, TRUHiT’s experts provide workout and nutritional guidance to help you achieve your goals faster! Avail our nutrition coaching services today!

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Why You Need Nutrition Coaching?

Stepping into the gym or training studio is one step towards achieving your fitness milestones. But to truly make a difference to your mental and physical fitness, you need to overhaul your diet and follow a balanced nutrition plan. One way is to experiment with multiple diets, work out your own plan, and somehow manage to stick to it. Well, that’s a lot of hassle and you still can’t be sure if your body is actually getting the right nutrition. The better way to go is to work with a nutrition coach that knows all about healthy foods, diets, and what works best for every individual! Sounds perfect? Get in touch with TRUHiT’s nutrition coaches!

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How Does A Nutrition Coach Elevate Your Fitness

At TRUHiT, we take a result-oriented approach toward nutrition and overall fitness.

That’s why you can expect the following under the supervision of our experienced nutrition coaches:

Personalized Plans

A balanced nutrition plan depends on an individual’s current health, body, lifestyle, and goals. Our coaches develop a program that incorporates your needs while pushing you towards your goals in a manageable way.

Eating For Exercise

A well-nourished diet is the key to success in the gym! TRUHiT trainers consider your exercise routines when planning your nutritional strategy. Whether your workouts require more proteins or carbohydrates, or supplements, we have you covered.

Lifestyle Guidance

We don’t just help you decide the right food to eat. We also ensure you know HOW to eat. From recipes to grocery lists, our trainers equip you with everything you need to sustain a balanced nutrition plan.

Health Education

There are tons of diets and products that claim to work wonders for your health and fitness. As you work with our coaches, you will gain a well-rounded knowledge of healthy food items, diets, and exercises.

Monitoring Progress

With weekly check-ins, our coaches will assess if you’re following the prescribed plan, if you’re on track to achieve your goals, and if any changes need to be made. This way you can ensure your nutrition plan is working!

Motivation & Encouragement

Moving from unhealthy foods to a well-nourished diet is not an easy process. As your friend and mentor, your coach will provide the support and guidance to help you ease into and stick with your nutrition plan.

The journey towards healthy nutrition becomes so much easier with TRUHiT Nutrition Coaches!

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Embrace The Benefits Of Balanced Nutrition

Whether you have been conscious of your diet before or only just started taking fitness seriously, our nutrition guidance will allow you to experience multiple health benefits:

Weight Control

Unhealthy eating habits such as irregular meals and snacking on junk foods are a leading cause of weight gain. Meanwhile, nutrient-dense foods allow your body to stay fuller, prevent junk cravings, and boost your metabolism!

High Energy Levels

Balanced nutrition allows your digestion system to break down food easier, transport oxygen to your muscles, and convert nutrients into usable energy. So, whether you are at the gym or not, you’re always feeling energized and productive!

Better Sleep

A healthy digestive system, spaced-out meals, and elevated energy levels enable you to follow a quality sleep cycle, prompting you to stay fresh and active during the day!

Healthier You

With a well-rounded nutrition plan, you steer clear of harmful foods, strengthen your immune system, and reduce the chances of you falling sick or getting injuries!

Do you want to experience the amazing transformation balanced nutrition brings to your life?

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Nutrition Done Right With TRUHiT!

At TRUHiT, we go above and beyond to provide our community with the best fitness choices and facilities.

That’s why we encourage all our members to pursue healthy nutrition along with workouts and exercise. Find the best nutritional guidance at TRUHiT with:

Nutrition Coaches

Every one of our coaches is well-experienced in nutrition.

Effective Communicators

We ensure we understand your goals and you know how we’ll help you achieve them!

Affordable Plans

We cater to our members' financial needs with budget-friendly plans.

Example To Follow

Our staff follows the 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise motto too!

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