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Welcome To TRUHiT Fitness Studio in North Boise, Idaho

Fitness is a way of life. It ensures your physical and mental well-being, gives you confidence, keeps you motivated, elevates your mood, and alleviates stress. Whether you are a male or female, young or old, we have tailored workouts to help you become the best version of yourself.

At the world-class TRUHiT fitness studio, gym, and training center in North Boise, you’ll get premier facilities, expert supervision, nutrition guidance, community support, and childcare options. Choose a fitter, healthier, and more rewarding lifestyle. Join the TRUHiT Community in Boise today!

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Adult Class Schedule

Monday – Friday Morning Classes 5:15am, 6:30am, 8:15am, 9:30am
Monday - Friday Afternoon Classes 4:15pm, 5:30pm
Saturday 8:30am

Kids Care Available Classes

Monday- Friday 8:30am & 9:30am



Whether it’s the first time you’re stepping into a gym and fitness studio or the hundredth, a professional trainer can make all the difference in helping you achieve your fitness milestones. At TRUHiT gym, fitness studio, and training center in Boise, Idaho, we have a team of expert trainers ready to guide you towards a fitter physique and lifestyle! Your trainer will take their time getting to know you, assessing the factors such as weight and lifestyle that affect your fitness, and understanding what your goals and expected timelines are. Then, you will get a customized plan that includes workout routines and nutrition plans. That’s just the start! Our trainer will be there by your side as you climb the fitness ladder – from supervising and bucking you up in the gym to performing data-driven evaluations of your progress. Stay focused and motivated as your trainer helps you move closer to your goals every day!
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HIIT Classes

SA combination of short high-intensity workouts and brief low-intensity recovery periods, High-Intensity Interval Training Classes are designed to get you the results you want in little time. So, if you think traditional exercises are too slow, HIIT workouts are just what you need. Even if you’re new to working out and exercising, our classes take everything step by step. Our trainers will demonstrate each posture and activity and make sure you’re following to avoid any injuries. At the same time, we’ll keep adding in new exercises and equipment to keep your mind active and body pumped up. In no time, you’ll start experiencing the numerous benefits of HIIT, such as reduced calories, proactive metabolism, better endurance, and lower blood sugar levels. Add intensity to your workouts and get results quicker than you expected!
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High-intensity workouts and grueling gym sessions are only 20% on the road to a fitter you. The rest - 80% - depends on quality nutrition! At the TRUHiT Fitness Center in Boise, we encourage better and well-planned nutrition to achieve fitness goals, such as weight loss and building muscle strength. Our qualified experts understand that there’s no one size fits all nutrition plan. Each individual’s current weight, height, lifestyle, and several other factors determine what diet plan works for them. That’s why we prescribe customized plans incorporating recipes, grocery lists, and workout supplements. We also monitor our clients' progress with periodic check-ins, ensure they are not having any trouble adjusting to the diet, and recommend any necessary changes.
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Child Care

Many of our members are young parents with little kids they can’t leave behind. That’s why we have our very own in-house child care facility! At TRUHiT Fitness, Boise, we believe everyone deserves to focus on their fitness. So, if looking after your young ones is what’s keeping you from heading to the fitness studio, we have you covered. Our child-friendly, CPR-trained, and highly experienced staff will look after your children while you can put all your energies into getting into shape again. We have a ton of games, educational activities, sensory playthings, and a lot more to make sure your little ones don’t miss their moms and dads for a while! Take this opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved self-care time and set your kids in a habit of looking forward to coming to the gym!
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Meet the Owners

TRUHiT is a life-changing experience for most members! The same is the story of North Boise location owners Steve and Rebekah Park, who joined the TRUHiT community two years ago.

Falling in love with functional and calisthenic workouts not only elevated Steve’s mental well-being and physical strength but also instilled in him a drive to live a healthy and active lifestyle as the father of four wonderful kids. Now, he and Rebekah are passionate about helping others in Boise and the Treasure Valley transform their lives by embracing change, taking up fitness, and becoming the best version of themselves!